Our nursery, located in Tabarja, holds a wide variety of seasonal flowers along with vegetable crops, aromatic plants, fruit trees, indoor plants and small sized plants such as cactuses and succulents. We are always aiming to widen the plant selection in order to offer a bigger variety to our clients.

Landscape design and execution

Our team offers a specialized landscape design for gardens according to the client’s needs. A group of professional gardeners start the execution process after the design is agreed upon. From fresh, green grass, to tall, sculpture-like trees, your garden will be the oasis you long dreamed of.

Hardscape design and execution

Along with the landscaping design, we also design hardscape for our clients such as pools, pergolas, outdoor barbecue, fire pits and more. Make your outdoor a pleasurable experience with modern design and high standard execution.


Garden maintenance and care is essential for the healthy growing of your plants and trees. We make sure that your outdoor is free from parasites, clean and well-trimmed. Enjoy the look of your freshly maintained garden and watch it grow and shine every day.

Automatic irrigation system installation

We at green concept offer the installation of automatic irrigation systems, always choosing the best brands on the market to insure good functioning and long-life spam of the system. Now you can leave your garden worry-free, knowing that the automated system will do the job for you.

Gifts and souvenirs

With our wide variety of indoor plants, we offer a selection of gifts and souvenirs to complement all your occasions. Choose your plant, your favorite pot and let’s create a nice arrangement of cactuses, succulents, bonsai trees, or even a terrarium of your favorite selections.