Green Concept

With over 25 years of experience in the field, Green Concept grew out to be one of the most trustworthy family businesses in Lebanon.

Because every project is unique, we, at Green Concept, deliver personalized studies for every client in order to bring out the best in each project. Along with creative designs, our team offer high standard execution for your landscape (greenery, garden) and hardscape (Pergola, pool, BBQ, fire pit…). Our aim is to stay one of the best in the field, always having an eye for detail and delivering the latest trends with very competitive prices.

We also offer a wide variety of seasonal flowers, vegetables and aromatic plants that you can purchase from our nursery located in Tabarja. Furthermore, you can find decorative indoor plants, that will elevate your interiors and increase the esthetics of your room. You can also find small sized gifts and souvenirs that you can offer to your beloved ones in several occasions.

  • Early seventies
    Started Company.
  • 1996
    Introduced new products to the Lebanese market such as Cherry Tomato, Chinese Cabbage, Iceberg lettuce, Kohlrabi in collaboration with Len Demos.
  • 1997
    Handed over the first landscaping project.
  • 2000
    Started the production of ornamental plants and flower seeds imported from Europe.
  • 2019
    Completed 1200 projects.

Founded in the early seventies by Georges Barhouche, an agricultural enthusiast, the family business was at first an agriculture area, a nursery for crops growing, and a space for technical production development.

It then was transformed into a higher scale nursery, and Green Concept was initiated after the civil war has ended; this was after Antoun graduated as a horticultural engineer, and joined his father to extend the family business in 1996.

Business may have changed and grown throughout the years, but growing happy, healthy plants will always remain our family mission.

Over 25 Years of


High standard


Honest and